On 15-26 February SCIT hosted Mr. Peter McCarey, Chief of Language Services in the World Health Organization (WHO). He held a series of master-classes where he acquainted the students with specific aspects of work at WHO. The students translated and jointly edited several texts from the WHO workflow. Mr. McCarey’s master-classes coincided with the students’ participation in the veterinary conference and the thematic seminar on medical translation led by Mr. Mikhail Demidov, SCIT graduate. It is the first time that SCIT students have got such intensive training in medical translation and interpreting.

As long as Mr. McCarey is widely involved in literary work and has authored a novel, a volume of poems, a book of essays on language, translation and philosophy and several critical works, he also dared students to translate a poem into English. Sergei Zavjalov’s poem on the war theme was simultaneously simple and complex: the poem’s varying stylistic modes were compensated for by its repetitive structural pattern.