On 22 March SCIT hosted a very successful master class by Birgit Menzel, Professor of Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz / Germersheim. A mock conference was organized where Prof. Mezel gave a comprehesive analysis of the re-immigration of Russian Germans (Russlanddeutsche) in Germany. This was a opportunity for the students to practise consecutive and simultaneous interpreting including retour into German and English. In the ensuing conversation Prof. Menzel and the SCIT students discussed the issues related to Germany’s migration policy and the details of teaching interpeting at the Johannes-Gutenberg university.

The SCIT administration and Prof. Menzel discussed the possibility of building up cooperation between the Johannes-Gutenberg university and SCIT and started to prepare the necessary documents.

The day before the SCIT students with German attended a seminar in the Pushkin House, the Institute of Russian Literature, where Prof. Menzel  presented her paper, „The War of Translations: reading Dostoyevsky in German and English“.